The Thirtieth Annual Event

30th Central Coast Renaissance Festival

19 & 20 ~ JUL ~ 2014

Blade on a Stick

Renaissance and Laguna Lake Park, version 1.1, was a success. The Thirtieth Annual Event offered more space, more vendors, more entertainment, and more visitors. The shire planners made improvements to the town layout, and residents seemed more at home than last year. The weather was good, too. We got plenty of sunshine, and also a share of cloud cover that was most refreshing mid-day. A nice touch.

Axe Pitching

Dancers were active a great part of the day, at one location or another. Barleycorn, Double Crown, and The Queen's Court were spritely afoot. Good games did abound as well. There were table games, arcade games, and the ubiquitous rope games and block games. The Barrow of Justice was on hand to ensure that honesty and good deeds did prevail. There was also an aperture of photographers who did come to keepsake the adventures and people of the day.

At the Gate

Table Games


A Diversity of Warriors

Entertainment on Stage

A Few Musicians

Faces of the Faire

Three Couples and a Rose Inspector

Faire Laidies

Playing the Rope

Dancing in the Shire

Playful Diversions

Those Recalcitrant Blocks

Further Observations About the Shire

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