Fun on the Fourth

Fourth of July at Cayucos

~ 2014 ~

There are many good places to be on the Fourth of July, and Cayucos is one of them. Photos here are of the sand sculpture contest, the parade, and the gathering throng at the beach as the sun sets. I did not photograph the fireworks. Instead, I just enjoyed the show.

Congratulations to all participants and organizers of the events of the day. It was an excellent way to enjoy the Fourth of July.

Sand Castles

Overcast morning light was flat and not ideal for revealing the textures and architectural lines of the sand sculptures. On the plus side, though, it was generally good for photographing the sand artists.

The Parade

It is the largest Fourth of July parade on the Central California Coast. This year we saw musicians (including Elvis), pirates, old cars...and a haircut. Added to this motley assembly were many of the usual perpetrators of parades.

Evening at the Beach

The fireworks would be shot from the pier. As sundown approached, people gathered on the beach and boardwalk. Some on surfboards and paddleboards took to the water for the show. The photographs here were made during the last half hour before sundown.

The Cigar Guy

Here are a few more photographs of the Cigar Guy which I cannot resist including. He looks very cavalier in action with his paddleboard and cigar. He gives the impression of being a man who knows how to relax on a holiday.

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