The reenactment is a two day event focused on the Civil War period.  

Moorpark Civil War Reenactment


Once again, during the second weekend of November, I found myself in the middle of the Civil War. The reenactment in Moorpark is one of the big ones, and draws a good crowd of reenactors and spectators. Fortunately, the real war is over and this event is informative and enjoyable, and especially good for photography.

My approach is to wander about without much of an agenda, and photograph what catches my interest when light and circumstances show promise. That approach works well for me, and leaves me free to enjoy the event rather than merely chase photographs. Although I sometimes request people to move for a better composition and more flattering light, my usual preference is to move myself to see better light and composition. That yields nice photographs without breaking the spell and rhythm of the people in the moment.