Shine 'em and show 'em.

Central California Coast Car Shows


With the annual arrival of warm sunshine, splendid machinery emerged to be shined and shown to fans of fine automobiles. That meant good photo opportunities, which meant that I was interested. It was also a good excuse to blow the dust off of my Sunbeam Tiger, and I drove it to two of the shows.

The Pismo Beach show was the first of the series that I attended. The pier generally offers the best environment for "full car" photography: backgrounds are not obnoxious and the cars are more loosely spaced than other areas. At Arroyo Grande, the cars are close together, and backgrounds are generally very distracting. Such is the usual situation at car shows, and getting "clean" images requires close views of the machinery, with emphasis on line, color and reflections.

Cars at the Atascadero show are parked on grass which can sometimes be included in photographs to good effect. Along with the grass, though, are trees, and they often put patchy, mottled light on the cars. So, it's a matter of being alert to good possibilities.

The Orcutt all-Ford show has the advantage of even, solid light on most cars. Backgrounds are often cluttered, though, and cars are generally closely spaced. Orcutt gets the prize this year for the most people with white t-shirts and pink hats (arrgghh). Nevertheless, the Orcutt show is always interesting and, like the other shows, draws a friendly and enjoyable crowd.

Red 'T' to Go A Circular Perspective Two Deuces Cream Corvette A Rose A Peach Carburetor Trio Incidental Mirror Ford Row Red Riding Hood Gashole Looking Over the Goods Clean Green Machine Hot Rod Blues Fender Chat Designs on White Colors at the Car Show

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