Chalk it up to an enjoyable time on a beautiful day.

I Madonnari Chalk Art Festival


Fine weather, fine art, and fine people. The photographs displayed here are from the 2013 edition of the San Luis Obispo I Madonnari Festival. They are images of people and the art in progress on Saturday.

In addition to the artists at work, many other people were wandering about looking at the art, and so finding good viewpoints for photographs was sometimes challenging. To stay off the chalk, and out of the way, I often found myself in a position where I could not see what the camera saw. Trial and error, with changes to the camera position along the way and good karma, produced some nice results.

View from a Chalk Box Surrounded by Color Fox on Blue The Blues Sunblock System Artist at Work The Details Fun on Asphalt With a Box of Color A Flower in His Hat

Images Copyright © Ed E. Powell
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