They did gather and march, and it was good.

Lompoc Flower Festival Parade


Marching bands, dancers...all the usual suspects were at large. I think that the people in the parade enjoy the event as much as the people watching the parade. Everyone was in a festive mood and that usually makes for good photo opportunities. The hard light of late morning and mid-day was generally unflattering, but there were some manageable situations. The only disappointment of the day was inconsistency within individual groups. Sure, the bands and dancers were (mostly) coherently dressed, but more than one group had banner-carriers that might have been rounded up at a soup line: white T-shirts and blue jeans, or shirts with huge irrelevant brand-name logos on them. Pfft. Not a very good first impression, that's for sure. It's unfortunate, because there were two groups that were particularly splendid—except for the misfits among them.

The photos here are representative of the parade, but do not include everything that there was to see. They were made in the light and circumstances of the moment, and hardly qualify as "fine art." However, the photographs do convey the spirit of good people on a festive day.

Trombone Man Number 41 Blue and Gold Norwalk Sousaphones At the Staging Area Hangin' On Scooter The Colors The Court Drum Roll Staying Tight Inversion Player Dressed for Success Pismo Representative Hauling Mass Color Ensemble Feathers in Her Cap Eyes Up

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