Nipomo Library: It's Not Just for Reading Anymore

Ichimi Daiko at Nipomo Library


It was not the choicest hour to be at the library studying for a calculus exam: Taiko drumming commands attention. Loudly. Ichimi Daiko performs Japanese-American Taiko, and the group is located in San Luis Obispo. Although the full ensemble was not present for this gig, they gave an enjoyable performance. Most Taiko groups invite the audience to give it a try, and Ichimi Daiko was no exception at this event.

The photographs here do not include everyone who played. They do include a selection of opportunities where I could achieve effective compositions with manageable light, without getting in everyone's way. The result is a collection of photographs that is representative of the hour.

Ichimi Daiko Ichimi Daiko Ichimi Daiko His Turn Formal Training Ichimi Daiko Ichimi Daiko More Fun Than A Spelling Test Ichimi Daiko Ichimi Daiko Ichimi Daiko Ichimi Daiko

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