A New Chapter Begins

Irwindale Renaissance Pleasure Faire

~ 2013 ~

Mugs in Echelon A New Chapter

This year marked the first year of the second half of the first century of Faire. Got that? Very good. I suppose that the next fifty years will bring more fun and good times. There will likely be further deviations from accuracy in portraying the Renaissance Period. Most visitors will not be greatly troubled by that, nor even notice, but the purists will wax nostalgic of "the days of authenticity." Most people are just looking to have fun, and to that end there will be little complaint.

To whatever it evolves, the nature and good disposition of those who make the Pleasure Faire a regular activity will assuredly remain the same. They will come for fun, entertainment, and a large dose of silliness. Count me in.

Music and Dance

The Faire opens and closes with music and dance. Many dances develop spontaneously throughout the day, and visitors are invited to join the footwork. Much of the music is performed on period instruments.

The Work Goes On

It's not all fun and games for the residents of Faire. There's work to be done. Visitors may observe "the olde ways" and learn how things were made before the Industrial Revolution.

Goods and Services Offered

They ranged from food and drink to life counsel and hair care. There were clothiers and merchandisers in abundance, and many patrons to support them.


They came in several varieties: stage, off-stage, and wandering. The latter two types became a part of the general ambience, and frequently interacterd with visitors. So many things occur simultaneously that making a point to see one thing means missing something else. I think that most people let chance predominate in choosing what to see.

And a Fine Mix of Other People

They are an energetic (mostly) bunch of characters, and each offers good company. The photos on this page are a mixture of posed and candid views, and each type has its pros and cons. One constant, however, is finding manageable light with backgrounds that do not invade or present anachronisms. The people, however, are always delightful and fun. They are fine characters of the renaissance, and I did Canonize many of them.

Thank you to everyone who made it happen, and especially to those who faced my lenses. I hope to see you all in 2014. Be well!

Images Copyright © Ed E. Powell
All Rights Reserved