As Advertised: Fun for the Whole Family

Fourth Annual Family Kite Festival ~ 2013


This event was sponsored by the Santa Maria Discovery Museum and was held at Rotary Centennial Park in Santa Maria, California. Early flyers faced challenges of inconsistent wind and varying turbulence but, as conditions improved, the sky was soon festooned with kites of all shapes and colors. A good crowd of people had assembled, with varying degrees of skill and experience. There was also a veritable fleet of photographers in attendance. Despite this, nobody felt compelled to call out the National Guard, and we all enjoyed the day in the company of good-humored, friendly and rational people. Plus, a few very nice photographs came out of the effort.

Airship Recently Launched Working the Line Flight Training Butterfly Billow The Patriot Barbie Kite An Owl on the Prowl Concentration and Technique Pre-Flight Check Mr. Cool Buggy Lineman Ground Action Colors in the Air Dragon on the Line Kite Train Pull Soaring The Kite Festival

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