Car shows offer a new look at old cars.

Car Shows ~ Summer 2012

September 10, 2012

The photos shown here are from the Nipomo Car Show, Woodies at the Beach (Santa Barbara), and Model A Fords (Orcutt). These locations are in the Central Coast area of California, and the events were held during the summer months. The woodies show offered a few opportunities for clean, isolated images of complete vehicles. Usually the best options at these events are narrower views of color, curves, and contrast. In any case, as always, the opportunities are where you find them.

Dream in a Hub Cap Chevy '54 Headlights
Herman and Guthrie No Wood Gathering Parked on a Hilltop
Ground View High Gloss Woodie Machine in the Sheen of a Woodie Summer Wagons Quartet
Wheel Cover Red Line Patterns in Yellow The Spare

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