The Santa Maria Philharmonic Society does it right.

Pops in the Vineyard

July 1, 2012

This was a splendid event. The music was excellent (the performance of John Williams' "Liberty Fanfare" knocked me out). Plus, there were several refreshing opportunities for photography. Contrast was usually an issue with subjects in full daylight, but light on the orchestra was very manageable. They played under a canopy that included side walls, so most photos of musicians were made without a bright, daylight backdrop behind them.

The wine glasses! Contrast played to great benefit for them, and they really pop. The color and sparkle deliver wonderful impact. I've opted for quality over download speed to preserve that impact; those three photographs do not compress well. They are worth the wait, though.

Not surprisingly, I was not able to get unobstructed views of many of the musicians, particularly those in the middle of the stage. Nevertheless, there are a few of them in the mix offered here, and a couple interesting photos of instruments.

Congratulations to everyone who made it all happen. Bravo!