Seeing Eye to Eye with Big Color

Colorful Critters

May 28, 2012

So: My wife and I joined several other photographers in pursuit of images of bugs, reptiles and amphibians. We found them. I am not enchanted by any of my photos of the bugs, which included scorpions and walking sticks. They were congenial and cooperative, but my results were disappointing. What you see in this gallery are the photos that satisfied my intent. The red-eyed tree frog stole the show. The purple iris is not a natural prop for this species, but it certainly enhances the color palette. In all, it was a good day, and the results are better than I had expected.

Chameleon Jabba the Hutt Feeling Smug Ornate Horned Frog Photographing Jabba Just Relaxing Of Orange and Green Surprise Palette Playful Sitting on Edge Thinking of Jumping Red-Eyed Tree Frog Big Color Dressed in Black

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