Another Festival of Fun and Color

Escondido Renaissance Faire 2012


Weather was warmer—and drier—than the last time my wife and I attended this event. And so, this year, we brought Mother along, again. Happy Mother's Day (even though it was eight days away)! She shall be eighty-eight this year, and likes the colors and the people and the entertainment of Renaissance Faires.

This year we saw two shows we had not previously seen: Galileo and Zaria Dancers. Light was patchy at Galileo's stage, but I managed to get a couple representative photos of that heretic. The Zaria Dancers performed at a covered stage, and the light there complemented their fluid movement and rich colors of their performances. They did not seem to be getting the attention that they deserved, but those who came to see them did not leave the performances early. For photography, the highlight was the dance with the large gold cape. Very nice—and probably impossible to print on conventional paper. I shall look into that.

The closing drum bash once again offered some good opportunities. For that, I used only wide angles this year, and got myself in the middle of the action. As usual, the day at the Faire was entertaining and fun, with good people all around. Be well!