The 50th Anniversary Event

The 50th Annual Renaissance Pleasure Faire

~ 2012 ~

Magic Faerie Her Majesty, The Queen

So, yes. Fifty years. I was not a participant fifty years ago. I first attended in 2006. I got the impression from the faire promotions that this year's event would be reminiscent of earlier years. However, as a relative newbie, there did not seem to me to be a huge difference from the previous year. Perhaps the differences would be more obvious to veteran participants.

One thing that remained the same is the fun, good people, and good times. It was a fine way to spend the day. My wife and I got a bit of event history at the Faire Museum, which was new this year. And we also got 'round to riding the Dragon! Once again, I made photographs of people when I found manageable light - and this year, I got a photo of The Queen with which I am most pleased. I believe it reveals something of her personality and playful charm.

As always, the photos here do not fully represent all that is Faire. But they do reveal some of of the fun, character, and people of the event. "Thank you" to all who were photographed. Be well!

The Ladies of Faire

Peasants, dancers and aristocrats - all were dressed in fyne fashion. They presented a veritable parade of color for photography. Not only that, but...well, a fellow could get used to having them around.

Several Faeries and a Brownie

There seemed to be more faeries this year than ever before. They were a big hit with the kids who, according to "the ones who know things," are the only people who can see the faeries. Fortunately for me, I had young lenses and was able to photograph them. The brownie is the male counterpart of the faerie world.

Gentlemen of the Faire

Ah, the men. They ranged from rowdy to refined, and crusty to courageous. Each was intent upon pursuing his own brand of fun. I can relate to that. Herewith is a sample of the various characters of the day.

And There Were Children

Several boys and girls were dressed in "garb." They were no less interested in facing the camera than the adults, and a few photo opportunities came about.


Sometimes ya just gotta take a quick nap. Some of these naps may have been ale-induced, but I think that more often the naps are the result of late nights and early mornings.

A Supporting Cast of People and Colours

Family, friends, fun and musicians could be found throughout the faire. Although I did not photograph many proclivities of the craftsmen or objects of the vendors this year, such items were neverthelesss in abundance.

I hope to return again next year, perhaps with a few prints to deliver as I did this year. May the intervening time be joyous and healthful to all. Anon!

Images Copyright © Ed E. Powell
All Rights Reserved