Small Town Fun for a Good Time

San Miguel Sagebrush Days

April 21, 2012

It may be one of the smallest parades I've seen, but this sort of event is not about size: It's about community. On that account, the event was sufficiently large to qualify as a full success. There was a visible and palpable comeraderie among partipants and spectators.

These photographs are small slices of time and place during the day. In addition to the parade, my wife and I visited Rios-Caledonia Adobe for the first time, and we'll be back. The Adobe has been furnished with items donated by supporters, providing an authentic window into the past.

Credit to those who made it all happen. Be well!

Water Cooled Barbecue Ford: 1909 Wave Vintage In Black Friends Flags Red Balloons Jean Route Marshalls Color Guard Flyover Of the American Legion Native Daughters Ridin' Through Town Sheriff Posse Experienced Vehicles Stars and Stripes Ambulance Pulling Out Shady Rest
Playing Banjo Saloon Shoes Fire Gear

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