Who would have thought that the Civil War would become an event for family fun?

Moorpark Civil War Reenactment ~ 2011


Sentry Two Girls

It was the 150th Anniversary event, complete with soldiers, weapons, sutlers, and mud. Saturday battles were cancelled because rain had turned the battle area into a mud wrestling arena. There were skirmishes in drier areas, however, and the sounds and smells of powder permeated the Union camp.

The day was overcast, with a brief, light sprinkling of rain. The soft light offered good opportunities for portraits. I was not able to get a good position for photographs without distracting and period-incorrect background elements during the skirmishes. Instead, I turned my attention and lenses to individuals in the camps.

Despite the weather and change in scheduled events, the reenactment was still enjoyable. Plus, the admission fee was reduced to five bucks—less the half the original price. And so, it was a day and money well spent. Each year I learn something more of the Civil War and come away with some nice photographs.

Morning in the Camps

Serious Demeanor One Star First N.C. Cavalry Lanterns Morning Coffee In Good Humor The Flag Camp Stove Lamps and Cups Thoughtful A Soldier's Hands Armed Enlist Now At the Union Camp Young Soldier Blue Eyes A Few Medical Supplies The Surgeon A Boy at Play

Time for a Smoke

Cigarette Cigar Watchful Pipe Smoke

Afternoon in the Camps

Cooking at the Union Camp Cannon Three Flags and a Soldier Southern Belle Contemplating the Battle Camp Still Life Surveying the Troops A Fine Gentleman Wounded Stalwart Rifle Maintenance Stern Rifle Drills Cavalryman Drying Dishes Drumming Relaxing by a Tree Repairing a Jacket A Young Man's Gaze Cheerful In the Confederate Ranks

Happy Ending

Flag and Fife Dancing Enthusiasm In the Drum and Fife Band

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