Halloween at Glamis North KOA

Cursed Egyptian Mine

November 2, 2011

These photographs were made during the weekend prior to Halloween. Since I was one of the spooks in the mine, I had the advantage of location but disadvantage of interruptions. It was all good fun, though, and a few good photos came out of it. Visitors made their way through a maze of darkness and spooks, then passed through several creepy and ghastly scenes. I think that most people got out alive. There was talk of doing it again next year, with a theme of "aliens."

House by the Graveyard Not Frightened At Yer Own Risk Radio-Active Waste The Entrance The Mummy Room Sarcophagus Midnight Snack Skeleton with Shades Candlelight Dinner Ghosts and Graves Critters at the Graveyard Haunted Graveyard Not Quite Dead Ready to Rise Again

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