It's the biggest Independence Day celebration in the county.

Independence Day at Cayucos

04 - JUL - 2011

Starting at 5:00 in the morning, the Cayucos celebration gets the jump on everyone else in the county. I think Cayucos has the only Independence Day sand sculpture contest in the area, and it must surely have the longest parade.

By 6:00 am, the sand work was well under way. Some of the sculptures were large: one was an airplane big enough to seat two people. A sampling of artisans and finished work is shown below.

The parade began at 10:00. There were the usual commercial participants, and the far more interesting clubs and activity groups. The Atascadero marching band was there and several other mobile, amplified bands. Novelty acts, baton twirlers and gymnasts rounded out the promenade. The most interesting opportunities seemed to be with the gymnasts. How do they manage to get so good at their maneuvers without breaking their necks first?

Building the Octopus Pat Down Trimming the Tower Shaving Sand Starting a Sculpture Shaping Sand Sand Crafter Near the Pier Holiday Smile The Eyes Have It Minding the Details Offering Advice Clifford The Bently Head Work Crab Claw Up to His Nose in It Cayucos 2011 The Octopus Sand Elephant Guitar Sam Big Grin Flute High Steps in the Parade Sparkley Arc and Ribbon Unicycle Fashion on the Fourth Firm Stick Back Flip Celebration Leap

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