Old Cars in New Cuyama

New Cuyama Car Show

April 16, 2011

The New Cuyama show is among the first each spring in the general central California area. It is a fund-raiser for the eighth grade class, and takes place at the high school. As more people reject Flash content (search Google for "flash malware" to find out why), the event web site is likely losing traffic. In the face of that, there were 131 entries this year, which isn't too shabby. However, general attendance - those who came to see the old machines rather than show them - was largely limited to some students, parents, and vendors.

The typical assortment of cars were on display for review. They sparkled and gleamed in rich and brilliant colors. The photographs below are mostly representative of closer views which seemed safe to approach...

Crack-up at the Car Show Reflections Objects in Mirror Light and Shadow on Ford Hood Detail Stripes Side Lines Dashboard

Images Copyright © Ed E. Powell
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