A day of Faire came cool and cloudy, but dry.

Escondido Renaissance Faire 2011


The weather forecast for the second Saturday of the Escondido Renaissance Faire was not encouraging. The park got a solid dousing Friday night, but by mid-morning the clouds were beginning to dissipate and an optimistic crowd did assemble for Faire. No rain came to dampen their revelry.

Opportunities for photography varied as the light changed throughout the day. As the clouds came and went, the light changed from soft to contrasty. Soft overcast light frequently serves well for outdoor portraits, but left tent interiors rather dark. Direct light, though contrasty, brightened the tents for photographs within. At the end of the day, warm, low-angle light benefitted the drum and dance bash.

Musicians performed on two of the stages. Outdoor light is typically not well-behaved at either stage. Late afternoon light was looking promising at the Forest Stage, but never quite delivered manageable results except at the far right of the stage. The violinist is the beneficiary, and she fairly glows in blue against the dark green background.

Muddy turf curtailed some of the usual activities of the day, but others went on unabated. Henna tattoos, braided hair, archery and general tomfoolery progressed as usual. The Queen's Parade made an extra lap around a quagmire of mud, and everyone got through it except for one fellow on horseback. The photographs below are samples of the faces and fun of the day.