They came to ride. I came to photograph. We all came to play.

Horses on the Beach


The Equestrians

Five equestrians arrived at Pismo Beach, whereupon considerable galloping, splashing and photography ensued - great fun with fine subjects. There was not much drama in the sky, but the light of very late afternoon and early dusk put nice hues on the ocean. As the riders moved back and forth before the setting sun, color balance and exposure were constantly changing. I set exposure for one stop over, but otherwise let the camera figure it out while I followed the action with the motor drive.

And the action was good. With five riders and about an hour of good light, it was a fast flurry of fruitful photograhy. Occasional checks of the histogram confirmed good exposures. To avoid changing lenses in the salt air, I used a 70-200 for the duration. The youngest rider of the group presented the most frequent opportunities: long hair in the breeze, consistently good posture, and the yellow plaid of her shirt complementing the blues of sea and sky. It was a pleasure photographing each of them, and the photos reveal some of the energy and fun.

Sunset Gallop Freedom Three Riders
Horse Play A Ride at the Beach Girl and Horse Shoreline Cool Water Calm Dusk at Pismo Beach In the Pink By the Sea Pastel Shore Eventide Dash Dash and Splash

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