The Biggest in the West

Moorpark Civil War Reenactment ~ 2010

November 13 & 14, 2010

Moorpark Civil War Reenactment

It is the largest Civil War Reenactment west of the Mississippi. In addition to camps for blue and gray, there are sutlers and a civilian camp. There are demonstrations throughout both days of the event, and there are five battles over the course of the weekend. Pyrotechnics used during the battles are especially dramatic during the night battle on Saturday. All activities and demonstrations are provided with a keen focus on authenticity, and reenactors are knowledgeable and eager to share information. Apparently at least one history teacher has realized the opportunity of this event: several students were interviewing people and taking notes.

The 2010 event was not a copy of previous events. Different battles were portrayed and, as in the past, the maneuvers and motives were described based on records of actual events. Although the general layout was familiar, visitors enjoyed sufficient changes to make the event fresh and worthy of exploration. Most of the usual Civil War stalwarts were on hand, and some new reenactors were also there. There is so much to see that even regulars to the event can probably find something new each year.

These photographs are a sampling of the weekend activities and the people involved. To photograph one thing is to miss photographing another thing somewhere else. And so, these images are a collection of what caught my attention while exploring the event. They include the obligatory battle scenes and cannon blasts, and also some images that reveal the energy and emotions of people who lived during the Civil War. And there were a lot of cigars this year!