The festival brings people together through art and play.

Autumn Arts Festival


Floral Streams Parked Cars

A light sprinkling of rain in the morning gave the chalk artists an extra challenge and concern. However, it was brief and not a wash-out, so the art continued on the asphalt. It was a scene of bold colors and chalk-covered artists.

Indoors, paintings and photography were on display in Shepard Hall at the Santa Maria city library. The art was judged by committee this year. Two photos from The Light Preserve were there: Parked Cars received an award, and Floral Streams was selected for extended display through October.

As always, there was entertainment outside, including dance, music, and rides and games for the kids. There was also a small petting zoo, and about a dozen vintage automobiles. A few representative photos of the event are shown below.

Chalking Spiral Work Brushing Chalk Art on Asphalt
Bean Bag Toss The Pitch Simple Fun
Sock Climber Auto Lines Interior Happy Climber Slide Tossing Kids Reflecting on Spectators

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