Following a summer of fog and high clouds,
a day of pirates and sunshine was quite refreshing.

Ojai Pirate Faire


The Ojai Pirate Faire has evolved over several years. Early events were very much 'Renaissance Faires with Pirates.' Last year, the queen was absent and a Pirate King played a role. This year, we had a "governor" instead, and nearly all aspects of the faire were in the pirate theme. There were elegantly dressed men and women—and they are welcome sights at these events—but the great majority of people were dressed in pirate garb. As a bonus, it seemed that most visitors to the event also dressed in theme.

After safe passage through the Cabrillo Madrigal Singers, visitors are held at the gate while their pockets are pillaged for the price of entry. (I've heard rumors that the cost of reserving the area at Lake Casitas is going up, and next year's event may be the last.) All things piratical lie within, and that includes music, food, ale, games, stage entertainment, storytelling and all manner of people dressed in style for the event. It is a pheast for fotography.

There were a good many photographs made that day by a good many people. No matter where they turned, there was someone or something worthy of attention. The subjects were not limited to stage entertainment. The guilds, vendors and encampments also provided opportunities for photography, as can be seen by the examples below. As always, thanks to all who put up with me and my lenses.