It's another Central California Coast event of fun and entertainment .

Stone Soup Music Faire


The hot weather of last year did not return this year, but several entertainers did. Once again, we saw Satori Daiko, Merrie Mary, Red Skunk Jipzee Swing Band, and Mariachi Mexicanismo. Other bands included Masanga Marimba and Tempest. There were also familiar faces in the crowd, suggesting that many people attend this event annually. People checked out the main stage area, Ramona Park, and vendors throughout the day.

Opportunities for photography prevailed, but required considerable attention toward composing for manageable light—particularly during mid-day. Light on the main stage was less contrasty than outdoor light, but the background was "busy." Images got more dramatic when the stage lights came on.

Once again, Stone Soup was a successful venture. Good food (I had a combo order of Asian foods), good music, and good fun. It's a safe bet that most people will return next year.