Shiny classics came to Pismo Beach, Arroyo Grande and Orcutt car shows.

Car Shows 2010


There are two car shows in the Five Cities area, south of San Luis Obispo, California. The Pismo Classic comes to Pismo Beach in June, and the Arroyo Grande Car Sho is held in July. Both events bring a plethora of vehicles and an explosion of color.

Sunshine came early to the Pismo show this year, and so did the crowds. The usual challenges to photography prevailed: high contrast light on high contrast subjects, and distracting elements in foregrounds and backgrounds. Most opportunities relied on narrow views.

Sunshine came late (if at all) to the Arroyo Grande show, thus mitigating contrast issues. Information leading up to the event was sparse, and even misleading, and it appeared, to me, that cars and attendence were down about ten percent. However, it was a good show, benefitting from the policy of placing similar vehicles together.

Further south, in Orcutt, is a third show that focuses on Ford automobiles, particularly Model A and Model T cars. These were exhibited in varying degrees of decay and restoration, and all of them drew considerable interest. Like other car shows, close-ups and narrow views generally delivered the best images.

Car shows are good events for eye-candy photography, a contention well supported by the evidence below. Everywhere you looked, someone was making a photograph. Tens of thousands of photographs must have been made among the three shows. Below are seventeen of mine.

Headlights Parked Cars Escondido Bakery Master Deluxe Truck Line Motorcade Arc of the Mirror Red Rod Trio Flamed Out Green Machine Ford 'A' Lincoln 'Highway' Definitive Window Rod Rental The Spare Ford Hat in the Back

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