Photography Near the Back Roads

Road Trip ~ Southern Oregon

May 2010

Although degenerative spine disease has forced me off the bicycles, I still enjoy traveling the secondary roads. The Interstate Highways are fine for getting from one place to another, so long as you don't want to see or experience much. Compared to the secondary roads—state highways and county roads—the big roads don't offer much in the way of local scenery or sense of the landscape. Also, in general, the people you meet in the small communities along the smaller roads are vastly more interesting.

These photos are of subjects in "the light of the moment." Each is a situation and subject that got my attention for reasons that vary from one photo to the next. They range from the dramatic to the comical and as such they embody what a succesful road trip should be: a series of new and refreshing sights and experiences. Many of these images are in HD format (16:9 aspect ratio) consistent with a multimedia presentation that I made of the trip.

Trees: Three Postures Lily in the Rain Footprints and Stones Road Through Redwoods Redwoods Home for the Holidays Closed Falling Water Trailside 'Shrooms Pricklies Meandering School's Out Trimming the Baseball Diamond Through Painted Hills Arc of Flowers Floral Streams Light in a Round Barn Old Boots Highway 205 Lunch Counter The Playa
Powerline Road Hill Crest Time Out for a Barn

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