The home and its occupants and visitors come to life again.

Dana Adobe Heritage Day


The theme of this year's event—the eleventh annual—was centered around the beaching of the steamship Edith. Much of the ship and its cargo were salvaged by Captain William Dana and brought to the adobe. The round table seen in photos below was made of wood from the Edith.

The morning began with music by Three Sheets to the Wind, doing sea chanteys and folk songs. Other entertainment followed, including storytelling, folklorico dance, flute, and reenactments. There were displays and hands-on exhibits and a whole bunch of people who stepped in from around the year 1850.

Photography was challenged by the usual anachronisms at events like this: the ubiquitous plastic water bottles, cars and trash cans in the background, cell phone people and other assorted accoutrements of the 21st century. Nevertheless, there were opportunities for isolating 1850 from 2010 in the photographs. Mid-day outdoor light was harsh, but light inside the adobe, though dim, was beautiful. The images here are representative of the event, but do not include everyone involved nor every activity. These are the photos of situations with acceptable light on the subjects, and supporting activities and elements around them.

Was it fun? You betcha.

Singing Songs of the Sea Sunshine Eyes A Man of the Cloth Living Heritage Dana Docent Song and Strings Sharing an Earlier Time Morning Chat Showing Furs Blacksmith Discussing Restoration Opinions Over Wine Playing Together Making Tortillas Attentive Discussing Business Three at a Round Table Getting Around on Horseback Chumash and Flute A Quiet Moment Docent Smile Portrait in the Adobe Dani at Dana Sharing Knowledge The Rancher At the Organ Roping Dapper The Reaction Aristocrat Laundry the Old Way Riding Out

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