The Strawberry Fairy came to town, casting the usual spells.

Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival 2010


The first thing I noticed was that Ballooney had new shoes and a new hat. However, his contribution to the day hadn't changed: it was still excellent. The kids love this guy, and he occasionally delivers comments that bring a smile from the adults — in the manner of the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons.

Shival Experience was on tap again and they are a solid band doing funk, rock and reggae. They slid into Hendrix's "Are You Experienced" and that was exceptional. It was not Hendrix, and by that I mean that they weren't just covering the tune. Instead, they made it new, delivering it in a reggae style which was different, refreshing, and memorable. Great stuff.

The photos here are from Sunday. Dancers of Dellos Performing Arts and Studio of Performing Arts were on hand that day. There were more guys in the lineup this year, with cool steps and moves.

As always, the photos here are not representative of the entire event. Rather, they are a selection of what one person saw and chose to photograph. Perhaps some of them will bring a smile from others who attended the event.

The Man Fancy Steps Neck Hula Hip Hula Prizes from Ballooney Action Steps Parallels Pause and Poise High Energy First Position Dance Moves The Boys in Red A Study in Sax Aerial Flip High View Parrot Prankster Strawberry Collage Groove Dude Dancer in Blue Taps Watching

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