Music goes around and around, and it comes out here.

48th Annual Topanga Banjo-Fiddle Contest and Folk Festival


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The Fiftieth! Well, they acknowledged fifty years of fun, but they didn't make much fuss over it. Despite the milestone, the Festival remained focused on music and good times. As you might guess, nobody seemed to have a problem with that.

The music came in three general varieties: stage performances, contests, and jam sessions. Stage performances were up to the usual high standard, and included musicians playing for dancers at the Dance Barn. The contests drew talented musicians of diverse ages, and so did the jam sessions. Music was everywhere, and if you weren't hearing exactly what you wanted, you only needed to wait a few minutes or wander a short distance to hear something different.

Opportunities for photography were abundant, often with nice background situations. The light, however, was another matter: High contrast in direct sunlight, patchy areas of light and dark in many shaded areas, and nearly absent in the dance barn. Nevertheless, it was still possible to get good photographs. Here are twenty of them.

Guitar Warm-Up Early Start Eyes and Music Fiddling Around
Performing on Railroad Stage Sitting In Relaxing Young Trio Pickin' and Singin' A Fiddler's Glance Leaning Into It Bass Licks Dancing A Dancer's Smile Bank Notes Thoughtful Guitar Happy Guitar Swinging Partners Bass Line

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