My kind of people.

J.C. Trettin Memorial 5K Run/Walk


Something there is about fit and active people. They are genuinely fun, they play hard and they enjoy life. The J.C. Trettin 5K Memorial event had a lot in common with the many cycling events that I pursued. There is a comeraderie, even among strangers, and the chatter among old friends and new acquaintances felt good to me.

The event drew good people, good weather, and good fun. The organizers arrived early, and soon people were signing in and warming up. The start included everybody — all categories — at once. One half lap of the track and participants were already getting sorted out. And thus, for timing, one clock fits all.

They circled most of the track and then headed onto trails. By the time they returned to the track, participants were well spread out. Times were recorded at the finish and results were posted for review. Gatorade, fruit and general merriment prevailed. Awards were given in several categories. Then, quick as you could say "Let's do it again next year," all the equipment and people disappeared, leaving the track area much as it was at 7:00 that morning.

Warming Up Signing In The Board Starting Line Final Announcements The Fast Starters Off and Running Along a Curving Trail Trail Running On Form Sprint to Victory Home Stretch Back Trail 21:30 Finishing 32:13
Toward the Finish Two Toward the Line Stride
Medallion A Toast to Fun Playful Friends
Ribbon Earned Gold Ribbon Oldest Finisher Top Finisher

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