The Villa displays classic art within classic architecture.

At the Getty Villa


Getty Villa

Although prevailing weather at home was rainy and cold, a few other photographers and I were optimistic that we might find better conditions at the Getty Villa in Malibu. So off we went, with an attitude of "nothing ventured, nothing gained." We were not disappointed. Weather was pleasant, the art was exceptional, and the location was photogenic.

Like the larger Getty Center, tripods were not permitted. However, image stabilizing lenses and higher ISO settings were applied as needed. The combination of exceptional art and beautiful venue made for a pleasant day of appreciation and photography. That, and a playful mood, gave way to some interesting photographs.

Most photos were easily produced, but there were a few that presented issues to be overcome. Perhaps the simplest to photograph was Sculpture on Display. There were no issues of distracting elements or bad light—it was already presented to best advantage by the Getty staff. Gargoyle and Sculpture and Pattern were also easily obtained. Steps Up, though, had major contrast issues, much like Upper Window. For the second of those two, I let the shadows go black. For the first, I chose exposure that I hoped would permit me to salvage highlights and dig information out of the shadows. It worked, despite my doubts, without being overcome by noise.

Window View Courtyard Reflections Steps Up
Upper Window Sculpture on Display Centuries Old Centerpiece to a Day Trip Photographing Shadows Sculpture and Pattern Gargoyle Afternoon Light Dual Stairway

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