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Autumn Arts Festival



This is another event that has expanded in scope over time. There is dance, music, classic cars, street chalk art, photo and painting exhibit, skateboard demonstration, games and rides for the kids, and the usual assortment of vendors. There were several dance styles presented, and (I think) three different bands performed during the day. One of the bands, The 1st Line, performed near the skateboard area and didn't seem to be getting the attention they deserved. They seemed partly influenced by the Dire Straits band, but I'm not certain.

The Autumn Arts Show appeared smaller, with perhaps 30% fewer entries than last year. The usual artists and photographers seemed to have gotten invitations to the reception, but many of them got no information about entering the show. I heard, also, that online information was less than timely. I might have entered Mesa Arch if I had gotten information, but I was undecided about it. Still, people enjoyed the show and that's got to count for something, eh?

This year, there were posters prominently displayed at several locations to inform visitors of who the performers would be, and where and when they would perform. Bravo! I like the idea of the posters instead of handing out reams of paper with the same information or, worse, providing no information at all. The posters were effective because each of them gave the line-up for all locations.

The fifteen photographs below are representative of part of the Autumn Arts Grapes and Grains Festival. Thanks to all who made the day what it was. Be well!

A Rose in the Gallery Chalking Chalk Art Exposé
Morning Dance As Waves of Grain Harvest Joy Harvest Cinderella Outfitted in Green Footsteps in Red Serious Work Artist, Palette, Canvas Shout Stretching for It
Classic Form Ford Chrome

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