Music in the Street and other Merry Pastimes

Arroyo Grande Harvest Festival 2009


There's always a wide variety of activities and entertainment at the Arroyo Grande Harvest Festival and, I must confess, I never try to photograph all of it. This year, most of my photographs were made during the parade staging activities. The marching bands were practicing their drills and music. There was dancing in the street by performers who would later strut their stuff at the Rotary Bandstand.

Although the collection of photos below is not a complete representation of the Harvest Festival, it does give a sampling of what visitors found during the event. The subjects here are what I saw and photographed. To know what the complete event was like, well, you had to be there.

Trumpets Morning Practice with a Baton Big Brass Noteworthy Morning Color Big Beat Eyes of a Flute Player Paulding
Table Ornament Model Railroad Down the Track Racer Ballooney Dance Moves Rainbow Trio Pom-Poms Abe

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