The Italian pirates are the ones who r-r-roll their ar-r-rgghhs.

Ojai Pirate Faire


Was it bigger this year? The area was the same, but it seemed more filled in. I thought the entertainment was more solid overall, also. As usual, there was a good assembly of characters dressed in appropriate style. Thus, there was a diverse offering of subjects for the camera. That, and the good nature of people in a mood for fun and camaraderie are part of what draws me to these events.

Before entering the main gate, visitors walked through a corridor of Cabrillo High School Madrigal Singers. They were bathed and well-dressed, unlike the assemblage of scoundrels to be found on the other side of the gate. After entering, visitors consulted the schedule of events or took their chances with random wandering about the area. Either approach, or combination of them, succeeds in revealing things of interest.

The photos below are from the first day of the two week-end event. They are the result of following my ears to what I heard and following my camera for what I might see. As I watched and photographed the artists, craftsmen, musicians and dancers, I realized that we are all there practicing our creativity in the diverse company of others. The result is mutual growth and enjoyment. Thanks to all—guests and actors—for an enjoyable day.