Kudos to the Grover Chamber for putting on this annual event.

Stone Soup Music Faire


It used to be called the Stone Soup Ethnic Fair, but the new title is a more accurate description. There was more than music offered throughout the day, but that was the focus of the main stage. Other entertainment included juggling and storytelling. In addition, there were tent vendors selling food, clothing and other items.

Because of the variety of activities, there was a variety of subjects for photography. The light varied, too, with harsh direct sunlight, subdued afternoon and evening light, and incandescent stage light. You'll have no trouble noting the affect of those variations in the photos below

The event drew a large crowd, despite the heat. I was surprised that there was not a larger crowd to hear Ten Mile Tide. I believe that the Tide will return next year, and now that the word is out they should draw a good crowd. I plan to return, again with camera, for next year's event.

Mariachi Trumpet Mariachi Strings Dancing in the Park Bucket Buster Ready for Bucket Busting Pamela Scheffler Near the Drum Satori Daiko Merrie Mary Playing in Grover Cookin' at the Faire Kettle Korn for Sale Little Creatures Park Pals Dancing to Ten Mile Tide

The stage lights provided opportunities for some dramatic photos:

Matt Mitchell John Morales Gettin' With It Jeff Clemetson Jason Munning Justin Munning Stage Light at Dusk Pete Chen Volcanic Light and Rhythm Dreadlocks Noteworthy

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