It is a fyne faire in mountain aire.

Big Bear Renaissance Faire


It is a cozy faire in the mountains and worth a visit, especially if you are in the area. It's a bit of a hike otherwise. The setting is nice and the mountain air is refreshing. As always, the townfolke and guests were of good humour.

The best opportunities for photography were primarily at the Bey'Abi canopy, the jailhouse, and the joust arena. The layout of the arena offered a clear view of the action with a manageable background. Mid-day light was harsh, but the knights were covered in armor so that was less of an issue than usual. Bey'Abi and the jailhouse activity had the benefit of soft light: soft sidelight for musicians and dancers at Bey'Abi, and diffused toplight and sidelight at the jail. Exposure compensation was the rule, for "mood."

The only surprise was that there were not more visitors, and many who came were clearly from the 21st century. However, that meant that I was not entirely out of place with lenses and digital camera. And so, I made my photographs. Back pain medication was in full force, and at the end of the day I wasn't sure that I had made any decent photographs. Did I even bother to focus? It turned out that—usually—I did.

Song Under a Canopy Jailbirds Blue in Gold A Belle of Bedlam A Man of Strings and Yarns Backlight and Bow Dance Music from the Shadows Rim Shot Delight A Faire Maid at the Jailhouse Sliced Cabbage Swordsmith Face Paint

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