Much about a culture is revealed by what it preserves.

Arroyo Grande Car Sho


The Arroyo Sho has a lot going for it. There are a lot of cars and a lot of space for them, so they are more loosely spaced than at some other events. Parking is generally easy to find nearby. There is frequently fog or overcast sky for the first hour, providing a variation in light and contrast for photography.

The cars are fun to see occasionally, whether you're wild about cars or not. For photography, such shows are all about color and isolating parts and situations. The wide, general views are usually not particularly striking. And that brings up an important point: people in white shirts should not be allowed to attend car shows. They serve only as distracting elements in color photographs.

Car Sho Chrome Mirror View on Orange
A Thunderbird Defined Speedster Hub Cap Vortex Catsup and Mustard Through the Windows Hubcap Eye Mirror View on Red Custom Paint The Old Bug

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