Silver Anniversary Event!

25th Central Coast Renaissance Festival

July 18th and 19th, 2009

Double Crown Dancer

The Renaissance Faire is more than the sum of its parts. Most important is the substantial number of pleasant people in a mood for play and silliness. For that, I fit right in. There are games, food, vendors, and performers. Thus, there is no shortage of distractions to occupy one's time. In the context of all this, there is a beautiful array of color on tents, stages and people. The whole affair is an invitation for photography and, with that in mind, I enjoyed Saturday and Sunday at Faire.

The photos shown here are representative of what I saw during those two days. The representation is not complete. It is limited, generally, to situations where I found good compositions and workable light. My thanks and appreciation to all who faced my lenses, whether seen here or not. Be well!