Fun and Color at the County Fair

Santa Maria Fair


I've attended each year for at least a decade. Some things change and some things stay the same, but it's always fun. The photo competition pretty much fills the perimeter of the exhibit hall, and it's always a good show. I received six ribbons this year. Below are photos of the fair, which I made during the opening day.

Evaluating a Goat Watering a 4-H Pig Watering a 4-H Girl Wyatt Restraining a Turkey Grooming the Non-Steering End of a Steer Bungee Boy Bungee Girl Famous Wizard of the Gravitron Gatekeeper Squirt Races In the Shadow of the Midway

Most kids are great companions and know how to share fun at the fair.

On the Super Shot
Scrambler Accelerating Exhilarating

Others are essentially absent.

The Cell Phone Girls

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