It is a weekend of strawberries, music, dance, demonstrations and play.

Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival 2009



Once again, I never got around to photographing any strawberries. Go figure. That probably speaks well of all the activities and entertainment. Perhaps you saw some of the same things that I saw. If so, some of the photos below may look familiar.

Shival Experience played Saturday and Sunday at the gazebo, and they always put on solid performances. A few members of the band are shown in the gallery below.

The dancers are from Coastal Dance, Dellos Performing Arts, and Studio of Performing Arts. The girls outnumbered the boys by at least ten to one. As with Shival Experience, photography was challenged by light and background situations.

I think it would be difficult for anyone not to find something of interest at the Strawberry Festival. The event seems to get larger every year, with more entertainment and more activities. It's enough to make a strawberry proud.

agsf All Fun Lively Steps High Energy Stylin' Big Enough Nate Steady Tap! The Last Chord Mirror Check Cheer Dance Saxophone All Colors The Leap Steppin' Out Red Tops Percussion Pom Pom Pair

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