This be a tardy addition to The Preserve, mates. Me adventures to Utah
took me 'way from the helm.

Ojai Pirate Faire 2008


Aye, they be rogues and rascals, all. Fortunately, they are good-natured ones, and unlikely to engage in truly nefarious deeds. Assembled here are a few photographs of the day, which included the usual types of characters, costumes, revelry, entertainment and fun. I was merrily occupied with another activity when the big pirate assault and battle took place, and so - except for the sound of the cannons - I pretty much missed all of that this time. There was a lot to see and do. I don't think anyone can catch it all in one day.

The "pirate lair" where I found this fellow was exceptional! It was expansive and intricate, and full of the kind of "grace note" details that refine and finish memorable work. Shades of Disney, and it turns out that at least one of the people involved in the creation works for Disney. The fellow on the left also benefits from details, including his Rain-proof Pipe.

The lovely lass on the left was a merchant. Of course, the first thing you notice is her eyes, and the blue background serves well for the close portrait. Not too long after, with late afternoon light yielding pleasant results, we made another portrait outside of her tent.

The two portraits on the right...well, what's not to like about a fine beard and a beautiful woman? The beard is the real thing, not a costume accessory. To borrow a phrase from the Classic Car Show people, it is "a daily driver." (I've not had any luck growing a beard; just don't have the whiskers for it.) the best of my knowledge, the girl is the real thing, too. And, you may have noticed, she has no beard.

The Music

Plenty of music—more than last year, it seemed. Some was accompanied by dance, some was scheduled on stage, and some was spontaneous off-stage.

Other Observations

I don't know what she was responding to, but I liked Her Response so I pushed the button and photographed it for The Preserve. Another amusing observation was the Pirate Day Care Center. Aye, we do want to keep the little ones safe and properly occupied, eh? The little one on the right enjoys more freedom. I don't know if she really is The Drummer's Daughter, but the light and her surroundings gave a chance for two nice photographs. Even knowing that she is at a Pirate Faire, the images are intriguing and mysterious.

Sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to the day and who faced my lenses. I look forward to more of the same. Be well!

Images Copyright © Ed E. Powell
All Rights Reserved