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Santa Maria Fair


As evidence of how far behind things have gotten at The Preserve, simply note that the Santa Maria Fair was about a month ago. Despite having attended many times, I've not previously included anything about it here.

As county fairs go, this one is smaller in scale than most but otherwise very similar to all. It has exhibit halls, animal shows and auctions, stage entertainment and carnival midway. Although I didn't have the benefit of selective lighting in the Discovery Pavillion, I did have fast lenses. The big bubble vats drew a consistent gathering, and I was able to document the flowing lines of the bubbles and the playful activity of the kids. There was usually a group of people near the Balancing Act, but I had a chance to make one photograph without any distractors to the essential elements of the game.

Every fair has its vendors, exhibits, and animals. Perhaps due as much to the lighting as the cloth itself, the fabric that the man on the left is selling looked like Spun Gold. Rail Rod is a dragster built by high school students (built for speed, not for comfort). I like the lines and contrast of Bunny Hug, but I wonder if she had to sell her fluffy friend later that day.

In the evening, I took a second quick tour of the midway before moving on to the Peter Frampton concert. I like the difference in color and mood of Sugar Rush at Nightfall and Toontown Denouement (late afternoon). In the first, everyone seems focused and deliberate. In the other, the kids have exited - and already forgotten - their recent adventure, and they are now in pursuit of The Next Big Thing. It appears that Peace Brother has seen it all.

Of course, I also visited the pavillion where the photographs were displayed. There were over five-hundred photographs entered in competition. It's always a good show. I received two First Place and two Second Place ribbons. And so, it was an entertaining and satisfying day. I'll be there next year.

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