The usual pleasantries prevail.

Faces of Koroneburg


The Koroneburg Faire is a relatively quiet event, so far as Renaissance Faires go. In fact, one craftswoman referred to it as a "sleepy faire." I will describe it here as less crowded and more reserved than most, but there was plenty of activity and fun. The knight contests were particularly well done, and I talked to someone at the military encampment who was well-learned in the ways and lifestyle of mercenaries of the period. There were a few pirates at the faire, also, and I was allowed to board their ship for a closer look. Perhaps because this event is less crowded than others, my wife and I were given access to areas and activities that are sometimes roped off.

As always, I attended the event without any particular plan, other than to enjoy the day. For whatever reason, it turned out that most of the photographs I made were portraits. The result is a nice mix of colors and happy faces. A magnanimous "gramercy" to all who faced my lens or otherwise contributed to a fun day at Koroneburg.

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