Ojai Pirate Faire


Regular visitors to The Preserve have seen many photographs in the magazine section of costumed people and reenactment events. The pirate faires are much like the renaissance faires. At the Ojai Pirate Faire, I met many people that I had seen at renaissance faires. Many were dressed in the usual fine apparel, with the pirate theme prevailing. It seemed like a good opportunity to make some photographs of coarse and crusty fellows. It was.

Many of the stage shows were comprised of people who also entertain at the renaissance faires. Some shows were modified to the pirate theme. Spontaneous song and dance also provided enjoyment to participants, spectators, and photographers. My thanks to everyone involved, and especially to those whom I photographed.

The Pirates

Happy Times

If it were not all in fun, the pirates would have been sooner hanged than photographed. But it was all in fun, and here are a few photos of music, smiles and dance.

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