Desert Weirdness

International Car Forest of the Last Church

It is definitely desert weirdness of the first kind. It was created by Mark Rippie and Chad Sorg. Mark started the Forest, and the "Last Church" part of the name refers to his web site about religious theories that reject organized religion. Chad Sorg lived in Reno and was motivated by the Forest to move to Goldfield to create art. The car forest is the largest outdoor car art exhibit in the nation, larger than Cadillac Ranch, in Texas, and Carhenge, in Nebraska.

Rippie and Sorg no longer work together, and I don't know if either of them continues to develop the Intrnational Car Forest. There is certainly evidence that the Forest continues to evolve, however, with new graffiti. Like shoe trees and popular urbex sites, the Forest will likely thrive and change at the hands of visitors.

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