Creativity Amid Decay

Salton Sea: East Side

If urbex and desert weirdness are of interest to you, then you'll not be disappointed with a visit to Salton Sea. It was once a highly regarded resort town, but as pollution and reduced water level took took their toll, the beach gave way to dead fish.

Although many structures are abandoned, there are no ghost towns in the area. People still live here, some by choice and others by necessity. The area is not stagnant. Artists—of an independent and fringe style—add and alter augmentations to the landscape. Add to that the dumpers and scavengers, and the scene changes from one year to the next.

Treasure on the Beach Entrenched Discarded Baked Blue Holiday The Shore The Wreck of the Bombay Dream Sundown on an Empty Bottle Stairway to the Sky Not Forgotten Bombay Beach Drive In Let the Sea Breeze In Dried

Salvation Mountain

Welcome Repenthouse on a Truck Front Seat View A View Within

East Jesus

Slab City
East Jesus Media Messages Someone Else's War Wheel of Spoons

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