Keeping Ghosts Alive

Nelson, Nevada

For people who enjoy seeing cars in a state of decay, Nelson is worth a visit. Part of the fun is pondering what stories might be told of these weary subjects. A variety of other "old things" fills the view, allowing photographers to compose their own stories among the relics. It's easy to become immersed among the fossils, but beware: the area is home to aggressive rattlesnakes.

The area is private property and the residents are not ghosts. Check in at the store and let them know you're there. They can show photos to you of what flesh looks like after snake bites (it ain't pretty). For good will and reciprocity, don't be shy about getting some snacks, drinks, or souvenirs.

Delivery Truck Empty Bottles Once New Rust and Cholla Old Friends Parked Sittin' Pretty Texaco Ahead Shy Princess of the Highway
A Sign of the Times Cab View And an Oil Can Line Dancing

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