Two weeks in late August

Southwest Colorado As I Found It

I, and two companions, enjoyed two weeks of exploration and photography in the southwest corner of Colorado. It was late August, and cloudy skies and rain prevailed on many days. This often gave us dramatic skies, but just as often gave us flat light. Generally, such light doesn't offer much drama for photography, but I still found opportunities— particularly in deep canyons.

Although we made efforts to be in locations "when the light is right," the light didn't always honor the appointment. Nevertheless, I often found situations and views that could take advantage of the prevailing nature of the light. There is, in my opinion, nearly always an opportunity; we just have to find it. Opportunities became more obvious when the sun broke through to give strong contrast and definition to the landscape. An active sky further improved the opportunities.

The photographs displayed here are what I found during our planned route and journey. They are subjects that caught my attention in the prevailing light at the time. This is Southwest Colorado as I found it.