"A hell of a place to lose a cow." — Ebenezer Bryce

A Dozen from Bryce Canyon National Park

My first visit to Bryce Canyon was by bicycle. About sixteen of us rode from San Diego, spending nights in motels or camping. On that trip, I saw only views from the rim, riding the tandem with my wife from viewpoint to viewpoint. I have since returned to Bryce several times, and seen more by hiking into the hoodoos below the rim. The photographs here were made in April of 2016, from rim overlooks or along the Peek-a-Boo Loop Trail. It was a very enjoyable hike, though I must confess that I noticed the elevation on this trip (my home is near sea level). Undaunted, I hope to return again for another trail experience.

Hills and Hoodoos Two Standing Tall Winding Trail A Rockwork Orange Slender Tower Hiking the Hoodoos Precarious A Morning View
On Peek-a-Boo Loop Trail Spire Weary Magic Rocks

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